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Improve your English

Improve your English

This course was written specially to help those who want to write straightforward, correct English, using current forms of language and idiom. The course will show you the best way to deal with the complexities and anomalies of the English language, and how to improve the style and content of your writing.

It will teach you how to avoid the traps and pitfalls of English grammar, and will help you avoid many common mistakes. You will need a good working knowledge of English before you start, and you should find that at the end of the course that 'proper' English, both written and spoken, comes more easily. The Course will not give you a stiff, over-formal use of English, but once you have learnt the 'correct' way, it is easier to know when it is safe to ignore the rules you have learnt.

Many people will benefit from this course: young professionals, published and unpublished writers and journalists, those in business, and those who, having learnt English as a foreign language, want to use the Course as a means of reinforcing and practising the basic rules that they have already learnt.

It acts as an invaluable foundation course for English for Business, and as excellent practice before starting on a journalism or creative writing course.

Topics covered include:

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