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Writing Poetry

Writing Poetry

Poetry has enjoyed a revival in the last five years, with more people writing and reading it than at any time since the thirties. If you are a new or inexperienced poet, this is a good time to begin.

Your tutor will provide advice and guidance as to the form and construction that will best suit you. You will be helped to perfect your style and choice of theme, to deepen your awareness of metre and rhyme, and to use the natural rhythms of the English language. Even free verse should not be anarchic - a successful poem is a fusion of sound, shape and lyrical structure.

This course will give you the confidence needed to enjoy the world of poetry, whether you write to be read by others, or just for yourself.

Course Syllabus:

  1. Lesson 1: Inspiration or Perspiration?

    The possibilities of poetry. Although there are no strict rules for writing a poem this does not mean that anything goes. This lesson looks into what a poem is and what it is not. Not necessarily a simple statement.

  2. Lesson 2: Rhyme

    Rhyme is one of the most familiar aspects of poetry but not necessarily the easiest to do well. This lesson takes you through the rich variations of rhyme.

  3. Lesson 3: Metre and Rhythm

    This lesson gets down to the brass tacks of explaining metre and its complexities.

  4. Lesson 4: Form

    Form makes use of pattern, some of it is straightforward, some most complex. An exciting introduction to the many and varied choices.

  5. Lesson 5: Imagery and Metaphor

    This lesson examines how images can enhance a poem; how symbols can embellish an idea.

  6. Lesson 6: Poetic Diction

    Why the precise word that you choose matters and how that choice can make all the difference.

  7. Lesson 7: Fun Forms and Humour

    An introduction to using humour in poetry and the forms with which it works well.

  8. Lesson 8: Getting Published

    A look at getting published and the accepted way to submit one's poetry for possible publication.

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