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Feedback from our Students

"I have really enjoyed the course, and my tutor has provided really useful feedback through all the lessons."
Katie S

"...such a wonderful course with helpful administration staff and a super tutor."
Shirley P

"The course was super - most enjoyable and the tutoring was excellent!"
Brian C

"Thank you for your speedy emails all the way through the course."
Yul B

"I've certainly learnt a lot from the course and I'm looking forward to taking that learning forward into the future."
Dave W

"Since starting the course in February 2008, I've had over 50 articles published and have a tiny slot on Switzerland's English language public service radio station."
Marianne B

"This is the first time that I am getting a direct and honest criticism on my work, which I think goes a long way into improving my writing and analytical techniques."
Denis G

" may also interest you to learn that this feature writing course has encouraged me to apply to uni as a mature student and I will be doing a degree in Journalism at Central Lancashire University starting in September."
Lucy S

"I would like to thank you for having taken me through the course with much patience and understanding, and for having taught me in such a way that I always felt encouraged to outdo myself the next time."
Judit W

"I also wanted to let you know that as a result of sending off my interview feature, from a previous assignment, to some local publications, I was approached last week about becoming a regular contributor for one of the magazines! This couldn't have happened without my doing the LSJ course, so I want to thank you again for all your help."
Eleanor D

"After finishing my course at LSJ, I started to write regularly as a professional freelance for Bass Guitar and Music Mart magazines. Since then, I've added quite a few extra magazines to the list..."
Petra J

"I also wanted to say THANK YOU for giving me such great advice and criticism - far beyond what I expected from an online course. I'm sure I will be looking back over your notes for many years to come."
Claire J

"It was hard work but so worthwhile. It's a fantasic course and exactly what I needed to move on in my writing."
Claire J

"I'd just like to say thanks a lot for all of your support. I'm really happy to get the distinction, so cheers for steering me in the right direction."
Anthony K

"I'd just like to say how much I've enjoyed the course, and how much I've appreciated your constructive feedback."
Sarah S

"Thank you SO MUCH for all of your help, feedback and encouragement as you have tutored me these last months. I have really appreciated and valued your insights and shared knowledge. You have encouraged me as writer, and helped me to sharpen my skills. I have thoroughly enjoyed the time spent in lessons, on assignments, and with your feedback. Honestly, I'm just sad that it's over!"
Kristen F

"Thanks to Nick and all the staff at LSJ by the way, it has been fun communicating these last two years. Hope I don't fall in a hole now it's all over."
Fleur H

"I have really enjoyed doing this course and will certainly miss it. A huge thanks to you, your comments/feedback have helped me more than you will ever know in terms of confidence and inside knowledge!"
Sarah W

"Thank you very much. There's no doubt that you've really read my work, and I'm delighted both with the constructive criticism and with the encouragement."
Penelope M

"I have indeed enjoyed the course and gained more than I could have hoped for. I would like to thank the school again for this fabulous course and the doors it has opened for me!"
Karin O

"Thank you very much for all your help and guidance and an excellent course."
Jane S

"My first article got published today...I would like to give credit for the same to the course that I am taking with LSJ and thank you for your help and encouragement."
Seema B

" tutor Ken Ashton will be happy to know that now my articles appear frequently in the local press and I will continue to send articles from Australia to Sri Lanka. I am very glad that I followed the LSJ course and for all the encouragement I got from my tutor. Please convey my regards to him."
Oscar F

"Many thanks for your sound advice and encouragement, even after some hefty periods of silence from me. I am impressed with the quality of LSJ's distance course. I'm a better writer because of it which makes it more than worth the money and effort. It was a bargain."
Bruce M

"Thanks to both of you for being firstly so quick at getting Lessons and Assignments back to me and for your encouragement and support for helping me to complete my Diploma and learn new skills which I am now successfully using as a Deputy Editor for a regional film magazine and website. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, particularly the travel and writing for TV & Radio assignments."
Shizana A

"I just wanted to send you a final note to say a great big 'THANKS'. Your comments, suggestions and encouragement were a big factor in my decision to study for an MA as a technical author. Which along with freelancing will make a very enjoyable working life."
Ray D

"Please can you pass on my thanks to my tutor for the encouragement he gave me throughout the course, which has given me the confidence to approach editors today."
Helga JF

"Good news, good news - I've sold some work - my first piece and they have offered enough to cover the cost of my course. It's a project quality management article for a professional accountancy magazine. Result!! "
Tim P

"Just to give you an update...I am now editing two publications at work, each of which have a 10,000 readership. I also edit the work website. I also write a monthly column for a trade magazine on behalf of my Chief Executive and have since been contacted by two other trade magazines to write columns for them."
Juliette H

"I would like to thank you for all your time and help over this last year. You have been invaluable with your advice and guidance. I have learnt so much and I am extremely glad I took this course. I don't think I could thank you enough for all your help."
Melanie P

"Thank you for all your input - it has helped tremendously. I have had many complements internally from people high and low in the hierarchy and I can assure you that your courses are now well publicised within Swiss Re and in my wider circle of friends."
Richard H

"I have been offered an editorial position with a Dubai based company. I have had several articles published and have been approached to write a specialist travel book. All thanks to the LSJ and my tutor."
David M

"Here is my next assignment. I've already been commissioned by East Magazine to submit my Barcelona article and to write three other pieces for them! Since they're paying me I'm very chuffed."
Rosalind G

"I am now 400 euros richer and that's not the best bit. I have had two pieces published in the 'Irish Independent' in two weeks. I can't believe my name was in a real paper."
Liz K

"The course has provided me with the skills needed to set out alone, particularly with an understanding of the business end of freelance journalism and how to get published rather than just purely focusing on the actual writing. I found LSJ provided me with excellent service - even though I was based on the other side of the world!"
Lucy B

"After finishing the LSJ Freelance and Travel Writing course, I am delighted to call myself a travel writer. With course notes, on-line assignments and feedback from my tutor, I learned to write like a professional. The course notes showed me the secrets to successful writing. Combined with the assignments, the feedback taught me how to write better, tailor the shape of my articles, and develop great story ideas. I now write regularly for a local magazine and have frequently had my articles published in newspapersand on-line. All up, I'd give this course a ten out of ten."
Jane C

"I just wanted to write to let you know that I have just been accepted for publication. My work is to be included in an anthology which I am really excited about. I'm even more thrilled that it isn't the so-called 'vanity publishing'. Just wanted to say, once again, a big thank you for all the time and effort you spent with me; encouraging and helping me to develop my poetry."
Clare C

"I have very much enjoyed the course and have found the feedback from my tutor to be very supportive, motivating and challenging."
Clare H

"I want to continue my work with [my tutor]! I have nothing but praise for her! She truly understands every difficulty I have faced so far."
Gabriel S

"I have enjoyed immensely the experience of working with you on this course. I have been offered a place on the Oxford University Creative Writing Summer Programme. It really wouldn't have been possible without these past months of learning on this course."
Nadya R

"I'm not sure if I can convey exactly how heartening it is to receive comments from someone as successful as you, but I hope you know they mean a great deal."
Janet K

"I will definitely ask you for help if I need it too, you have been an excellent tutor so I am very appreciative of all your comments so far! "
Victoria C

"It was terrific to receive feedback from a real author, a title I aspire to have one day, and being able to add the great hints and advice into my next story...again thank you for very much for telling me what your keen eyes saw and for parting with your hard earned experience when it comes to all things concerning writing."
Yul M

"I am beginning to feel now, that I'm settling into my writing, and finding my feet at last. I can look back at my early work and notice major differences to the feel and the flow of my writing, by constant practice; and most importantly, by your honest practical advice and wisdom! Thank you for your kind words on the Debut Dagger and finding an agent. I will keep you posted!"
Sarah-Jane W

"Thank you also for all your help and support during the course. You have always been very inspirational and helped me to see just how much fun writing like this actually is!"
Karen R

"I am thrilled, and would like to thank you for all of your encouragement and advice, which has been invaluable in getting me this far."
Madhumita B

"Yes, it's great to be doing a course through LSJ again, let's hope I have as much success with this course!! I'm absolutely snowed under with deadlines and I have to say the freelance journalism course has to be the best (and most profitable!) course I've ever done. Writing a novel is something which I've always wanted to do, so fingers crossed!"
Helga JF

"My tutor really helped me to get the book off to the right start, and avoid some mistakes which would have caused problems later on. Her feedback was constructive and thoughtful."
Vanessa L

"I had done a little writing before I enrolled on the course, but I learned so much. I had one story accepted by My Weekly during the course and have since had another piece published by People's Friend. Sue Moorcroft is so encouraging and supportive. The course assignments are challenging but realistic and I found studying with the London School of Journalism a rewarding experience."
Marjorie J

"The hard work paid off; however, I couldn't have done this without's Nick support. He's an excellent tutor - his stern criticisms, advice and guidance were a motivating factor."
Sharmila S

"I won first position in print media award following a feature article I wrote in the Sunday Times of March 5 2006."
Innocent C

"Thanks for all your very valuable feedback - the whole course has been great - I have really enjoyed it thank you - and have really valued your feedback and critiques. Thanks so much."
Sam T

"The course was certainly worth it and extremely enjoyable. Could you please pass on my appreciation to Nick for his valuable input. I will pursue another course in the near future."
Paul O'S

"Thank you very much for everything. I got there in the end...! I've found the course extremely useful!"
Caroline P

"I am so pleased that I followed this course with LSJ. LSJ was initially recommended to me by a Czechoslovakian gentleman who worked for the BBC and now lives his retirement in London. He without doubt lead me to the right and best place. I have no hesitation in recommending LSJ to anyone since I know how valuable your lessons are."
Elmo D

"It has been absolutely a wonderful experience doing the course at the School. I am highly indebted and in awe of my tutor. His advice and guidance comes in handy with every line that I write. I would also like to pass on the credit to my tutor for the reader response and various congratulatory calls that I receive after each article. My editor too is very happy with my work."
Rachna S

"In the same week I had my Alpine Dove article accepted for France magazine. I interviewed the wood sculptor and added some quotations to the article, as you suggested in your feedback, which obviously worked. I don't know which edition it will appear in yet. Anyway, I just wanted to share my good news, especially as your tutoring is largely responsible for it."
Felicity L

"But I have been away on business and doing interviews in the Middle East, one of which I have sold to the Sunday Times - it should feature in the 'Life in the Day of...' one Sunday this month and is about a Zionist Rabbi who unusually helps Palestinians."
Kerry H

"My writing seems to be going from strength to strength. For the September issue of AU magazine, I will have over 4,000 words published. This includes a 2,000 word article on the history of Sub Pop records. I recently interviewed Megan Jasper (Sub Pop vice president) and Steve Turner from Mudhoney. Both were great fun. I also submitted the 'Strangeways' classic album article which Francis Jones, the editor, loved. His comments were spookily similar to yours. I have been asked to supply over 3,000 words for the October issue. I am now regularly reviewing articles for Rock 'n' Reel magazine, and hope to get an interview with Bon Iver in September for inclusion in that publication. Finally, and by way of contrast, I now have a 'regular' feature as a 'Dad's View' in a local family magazine. Again, many thanks for your help."
John F

"I have been out of touch for a while as I have been busy with magazine work. My article idea from assignment 7 was accepted by Asian Geographic and I have also done four features (text and images) for airline magazines in the Philippines and the United Arab Emirates."
Katherine J

"The style in which each lesson was written was clear and informative. The voice of the tutor in the feedback given was both helpful and thought-provoking and I looked forward each time to his comments."
Ben D

"I had an incredible time discovering writers I had failed to read at undergraduate level and re-discovering writers whom I had not read for over 20 years. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in reading some of the greatest literature this country has produced."
Ben D

"I would like to thank you for your guidance through the course. I have enjoyed the course and have benefited from it tremendously."

"[My Tutor] and his colleagues have been very supportive from start to finish. The lesson notes were important because they enabled me to understand the historical context and background to each era prior to exploring the writers and their works."
Gareth R

"...his guidance, prompt responses and constructive feedback every step of the way, were really helpful."
Menna M

"Thank you. I really have enjoyed the course. Thank you once again for a great learning experience. I now hope to finish the book and get it published somewhere. Have a wonderful day."
Natalie V

"Writing for children was different to anything I had done before, but with Ellen Renner's support and encouragement, I soon became comfortable with the techniques required. The varied course material covered writing for all ages and by the end of the course I had completely changed the direction I had originally planned. I found studying with the London School of Journalism very worthwhile and easy to fit into my busy lifestyle."
Marjorie J

"I was nervous as hadn't had any experience in journalism, but felt very relaxed. I loved the whole course."
Rose H

"The producer of the show was polite, and tried to avoid an awkward silence with friendly chit chat. She asked me if I was a student. ''I have a B.A. in American Culture and Literature. Oh, and I just finished a program at the London School of Journalism'', I replied. Her eyes lit up like fireflies. I was offered a job on the spot."
Sera V

"...and you wouldn't believe how much the course prepared me for it. I'm doing exactly what we did at the School. It's amazing, I'm so glad I did the course."
Marta F

"Fantastic! Enthusiastic, inspiring, brimming with knowledge."
Laura W

"Lorna is amazing - she mixed vast experience with reality and enthusiams."
Niki N

"Fantastic, clear, clever, helpful and very interesting. I am a very happy client who will most certainly return to study further."
Tony B

"You were exactly the kind of tutor I wanted and needed. I made the correct choice to take this course."
Yvonne B

"Thanks for giving me the confidence to have a crack at this - yes, it is down to encouragement and the LSJ course."
Frances G

"The course will help me further my career."
Adil I

"Thanks again for a very informative and enjoyable course!"
Nicholas H

"A very good course, it really opens up your eyes to the world of journalism and puts things into perspective.
Clare H

"Very knowledgeable, full of practical advice that can really be applied."
Susannah E

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and was sorry when it came to an end. I have been writing since I finished and felt totally inspired. I would recommend this course without hesitation."
Tom H

"His experience, style of teaching and charisma made the whole experience fabulously enjoyable as well as very interesting."
Nick B

"Andrew was thorough and thoughtful - ideal that he is a published writer himself."
Fiona M

"Will definitely suggest course to other budding writers."
Emma J

"At the end of this course, please allow me to thank you, as well as the entire staff, for the very fascinating and pleasant two-year programme. I have really enjoyed it!"
Asma H

"I would also like to thank you and all staff/tutors/lecturers for your fantastic help and support over the years."
Andy H-H

"Could you please pass on my regards and thanks to Andrew for being a brilliant tutor. The course has given me an excellent platform for my work in journalism."
Richard M

"Thank you very much for all your support over the last two years - I don't think any of us online students could have done it without your ongoing patience and organisational skills!"
Amanda S

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