The London School of Journalism

Creative Writing

The course explores the techniques of writing fiction and non-fiction through examples, writing exercises and discussion. Students do not need to have work-in-progress but should be aspiring writers to get the most from class feedback.

The lecturer is Nick Barlay, the well-known novelist and writer.

  Week 1: Introduction - different forms: story, novels, scripts, life-writing, journalism
  Week 2: Structure - acts, archetypes and folk tales
  Week 3: Finding a voice - first and third person, authorial voice
  Week 4: Character - creation and development
  Week 5: Location - setting and context
  Week 6: Plot - the arrangement of incidents
  Week 7: Dramatic reconstruction - fiction, non-fiction and the role of research
  Week 8: Dialogue - purpose, techniques and voices
  Week 9: Writing business - publishers, agents and money
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