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Go Freelance!

An evening class for those wishing to be freelance journalists. The aim of this course is to facilitate entry into the profession, to show how to launch a career in freelance journalism or to help existing writers add to their existing skills. By the end of the course, participants should be well prepared to develop a career as a freelance writer.

This course is tutored by Nick Barlay, an established freelance journalist and author.

  Week 1: Introduction to Journalism and writing news: basics of news, what makes news and how it's written, all of which underpins everything else in journalism
  Week 2: Ideas and Angles (1): switch to a feature-writing perspective to look at what an angle is, what makes an idea viable and how to think about forming proposals (1)
  Week 3: Ideas and Angles (2): a detailed look at proposals and key ingredients to consider - the first optional assignment is to write a proposal
  Week 4: Research: basics of research, sources, how to think about supporting an idea, and what makes an idea stand up
  Week 5: Style, Features intros, narrative: feature style, including different types of introductions and journalistic forms - the second assignment is to write three intros to the same potential article
  Week 6: Interviewing (1): questions, ethics and developing interview structures. In particular, this session will look at human interest narratives, a key, single interview, form of journalism
  Week 7: Interviewing (2): a look at profile interviews that evoke what someone is like - different types/angles; input and role of the writer
  Week 8: Reviewing: a session on reviewing arts and culture, with a focus on review structure and style, and how to deliver opinion in the right way for a given market
  Week 9: Travel: travel-writing cuts across many markets and has many associated types of feature. This class will examine the forms, styles and development of commercial travel features
  Week 10: Freelancing: money, rights, tax and other need-to-know issues for potential freelancers, as well as a look back at proposals and where to go from here

There are four writing assignments included in the course - all of which will be reviewed by the course tutor.

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