The London School of Journalism

Postgraduate Online Course in Journalism

How the course works

Enrolment for this course takes place prior to September and February each year. The full course (four modules) is taught over two academic years and, if successful, you will receive the Postgraduate Journalism Diploma.

You must complete the entire course within two years of your initial enrolment in order to qualify for the PG Diploma. Modules must be taken in the order specified at the time of your enrolment.

Lectures are given in the online format which, for the last four years, has been successfully used by the LSJ to deliver regular lectures for the benefit of existing distance learning and online postgraduate students.

In the student area, you will have individual space to show your work, where both tutors and fellow students can offer comments and opinions. There is also a private 'classroom' area set aside for personal meetings with your tutor, on a one-to-one basis, where you will discuss the written work which makes up your portfolio. All student sites are secure and password protected.

All lectures and tutorials are delivered in real time on our secure server, with the system being capable of supporting up to 150 concurrent feeds from students.

You will be committed to an average of one tutorial per month and one lecture per week, with approximately 5 to 8 hours (in total) of reading, research and written assignments to be completed each week. You will have a deadline of one week in which to complete and submit your individual assignments and will be penalised for those which are received late. You will also be expected to achieve at least an 85% 'attendance' at online lectures.

Assignments are returned to the admin team by email before being passed to the tutors for assessment. Tutors are drawn from our existing tutor 'pool' - all of whom are working journalists with an excellent record. Personal tutors will also be available to give email support between lectures and tutorials. Information on some of our current tutors can be found on our website.