The London School of Journalism

Postgraduate Online Course in Journalism

Course syllabus

All lectures and tutorials are delivered in real time on our secure server, with the system being capable of supporting up to 150 concurrent feeds from students.

You will be committed to an average of one tutorial per month and one lecture per week, and approximately 5 to 8 hours (in total) of reading, research and written assignments weekly. You will have a deadline of one week in which to complete and submit each individual assignment and will be penalised for those which are received late. You will also be expected to achieve at least an 85% 'attendance' at online lectures.

The course structure is made up of four modules, all of which must be completed to receive the Postgraduate Diploma.

Module A3 - Journalism and Newswriting with Media Law Module C3 - Freelance and Feature Writing
Starting out in journalism
Introduction to features writing
What is news?
Freelance opportunities
Local government
Features Intros
Crime and the courts - 1
Reviews - 1
Interviewing skills
Reviews - 2
Central government - 1
Legal issues
Crime and the courts - 2
Lifestyle and consumer features
Specialist writing
Human interest features
News Features
Features profiles
Media Law - 1
Gossip, diary and opinion columns
Trade Press
Media Law - 2
Specialist module 1*
Specialist module 2 *
TV and Radio
Specialist module 3 *
The editor's chair

*Travel, Sports or Music and the Arts

Module B3 - Freelance and Internet Journalism Module D3 - Subediting
The freelance journalist
The subeditor's role
Market research and writing for publication
The professional sub
Writing for newspapers, magazines and websites
Grammar, language and the Sub
The Freelance Reviewer
Punctuation and the Subeditor
Legal issues
Directing your writing
Headlines, bills, captions
More about markets and trade press
Paper proofing
Legal dilemmas and law revision
Media Law and the Sub - Introduction
Successful packages
Media Law, Media Conventions and the Sub
Writing for TV and Radio
Introduction to layout and design
Going it alone
Typography and pictures
Writing for the web and selling
Planning for publication

This syllabus may be changed without notice and is issued for guidance only