The London School of Journalism

Postgraduate Journalism

(Attendance and non-attendance Courses)

The London School of Journalism offers postgraduate courses in Journalism, which provide excellent pre-entry knowledge and experience. By taking a journalism course with us you will receive the best possible London-based training. The LSJ has been training journalists since 1920 - we have all the experience and knowledge you will need.

We hold our attendance courses in London - three full-time courses spread throughout the year.

We run an online postgraduate course, which leads to the same diploma, which is broken into four separate modules of approximately six months each, which starts in February and September every year.

Postgraduate Diploma courses offer one of the best routes into modern journalism. Journalism is changing rapidly, and we make certain that our students fully understand what is required for today - and for tomorrow - so that each individual can maximise the chance of achieving their personal goal.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact us.

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