The London School of Journalism

To apply

Send us a completed application form, and include with it your CV and 300/500 word piece, setting out the reasons why you wish to study journalism (see course requirements). You can either print off an application form, and post or fax it to us, or use our secure online form for the application and send us the other required information by email, fax or by post. If you want to apply online you must pay by credit or debit card.

Before you complete an application form make certain you have read our terms and conditions.

To apply by post: Use the form applicable to your course and complete all the details, print and post to us, including all the required information.  You may pay by cheque, credit or debit card, Bankers payment or Money Order.

To apply by fax: Use the form applicable to your course and complete all the details, print and fax to us, including all the required information.  Make sure you have completed your credit or debit card details in full.

To apply online: Use the secure application form. Make certain you fax or email the additional information to us as soon as possible.

To apply by email: You may scan your printed documentation (or convert it to .pdf files) and email us.

Application forms

Go to this link for printable enrolment forms.

Go here for enrolment online.

All enrolments are subject to our terms and conditions. Please read these before enrolling.

Allocation of Places

On receipt of your completed application a place will be reserved.

In the event that your application is not successful you will be notified and all fees paid will be refunded to you, or your cheque will be returned to you un-cashed.

Your credit card will not be charged if your application is not successful.

Once the LSJ has accepted your application, and you have been notified that a place is available, any cancellation of your registration is subject to our standard terms and conditions.

Prospective students applying by post may make a registration application without including payment, and will be notified if their application is successful. However, no place is reserved for students until receipt of the registration deposit, which must be sent to the LSJ within 7 days of notification of the offer of a place in order to guarantee that their place is still available.