The London School of Journalism

Diplomas, Certificates & Qualifications

Postgraduate students are entitled to receive the School's Diploma or Certificate on completion of their course.

A detailed written explanation of the School's marking and awards system is given to students at the start of term, which sets out what is expected at every stage of the course.  The following is a simplified version:

Grades are awarded by your tutors, and the cumulative total of these grades determines your final result. Your coursework accounts for 50% and the exams account for 50% of the overall grade value. You MUST gain a minimum of a B- in each individual section in order to qualify for a Diploma.

  A Outstanding
  A- Excellent
  B+ High-quality
  B Good
  B- Satisfactory
  C+ Worthwhile attempt but not satisfactory
  C Not adequate
  C- No real effort or no understanding
  D Total lack of understanding or lack of effort

Your tutor may give an additional + or - mark, or add verbal comments to indicate that you are at the top or bottom end of a particular grade, but these additions will have no effect on the mathematical averaging of your final results.

Your coursework consists of two parts: the work which forms part of your portfolio and which is marked by your tutor, and those exercises relating to individual lectures or assignments.  These two parts are of equal weight in calculating your coursework average. 

Individual assignments are given different weightings to reflect the importance attached to each individual subject.

You may be penalised for poor attendance (a minimum attendance of 85% is required to be deemed to have completed the course) and you should expect your marks to be reduced if you fail to hand in your work on time.  Work which is less than seven days late receives a one-grade penalty, more than seven but less than 14, a two-grade penalty and work more than 14 days late will not be marked.

When all the grades are combined together:

A 'Pass' grade will be B- or B average  
A 'Merit' will be awarded for a B+ average  
A 'Distinction' will be awarded if the average is mid-way between B+ and A- (or above), provided that there is a B+ average in each of the three sections (assignments, tutorials, exams)