The London School of Journalism

What is distance learning?

Distance learning courses consist of three major parts:

Lesson modules:  Information supplied by us to be studied. This includes assignments.

Coursework assignments:  Written work and projects to be completed after studying each module.

Returned assignments and comments:  Your tutor comprehensively reviews your assignments and returns them to you, corrected as appropriate. With the return of your marked assignments you will receive the answers to any queries you have raised and any additional suggestions your tutor feels would be helpful.

We offer students a choice in the method of delivery of exercises and assignments.

By Email (standard price - regardless of student location)

All inwards assignments, returned assignments and comments are delivered electronically.  Students download their lessons from their own secure page in the Student section of the website, and send their completed assignments by email to the school. 

Returned assignments and comments are sent to the student either as simple email, or as an Adobe .pdf file email attachment (which allows handwritten corrections to be made by your tutor to your coursework).

By Post (UK only) (standard price plus additional postage)

All assignments, returned assignments and comments are dispatched by first class mail within the UK (students are responsible for supplying postage-paid self-addressed enevelopes).

When does the next course start?

Distance learning courses have no set start dates, and may be taken at a time to suit you and your plans. You have a two year period in which to complete the course, after that an update fee may be payable if you want to continue with your tuition.

Most students find that between 9 and 15 months is enough time - on average, one lesson module a month is a reasonable target. Take too long between modules, and you will forget what you have already learnt!

Where is the School?

The School is based in Maida Vale. 15 minutes' walk (or two tube stops) from Paddington Station, which is at the heart of London's public transport system. One of the most attractive parts of London, it is very central, with wide streets and a peaceful atmosphere.

For students and visitors , the school courtyard provides 'cafe' style space for coffee and conversation - and the occasional tutorial when the weather is suitable! Coffee and cold drinks are available at all times.

The canals of Little Venice are a few minutes' walk from the School, as are the cafes, bars and restaurants for which Little Venice is well-known.

Distance learning students come from all over the world - around 65% from within the EU, 5% from North America and Australasia, and the remaining 30% from a hundred different countries.