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Distance Learning Enrolment

To enrol on the course you have chosen, follow these steps:

Step One: Course name
Make sure you have selected the correct course using the drop down box, and its name is displayed on the form.

Step Two: Course type
Select the method you wish to use for receiving course material.

Step Three: Payment method
Decide how you wish to pay (in full or by instalments).

Step Four: Enrolment method
Select your payment choice (either by credit/debit card online or by printing a copy of the form to send by post or fax).

Your choice of Enrolment method does not affect your choice of Course type. You may have your lessons delivered by email even if you use the postal enrolment form. Click when you have made your choices and you will then be asked for further personal and payment information. All information that you give is encrypted and held in a totally secure manner.

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